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Arvell Garrett, Sr. was born October 27, 1938 in Memphis, TN to John L. (deceased) and Millie B. Garrett. He has 1 sister, Bettie Katherine. When he was 3 his family moved to St. Louis, Missouri. Upon his graduation from Vashon high school, he joined the U.S. Marine Corps and after serving received an honorable discharge. He has also received his D.D. (Doctorate of Divinity) degree and in his Th. D. (Doctorate of Theology) degree. 

On September 4, 1960, he married Myrtle Marie Hemphill. To this union 5 children were born - Angelisa (Edward), Valerie, Jason, Brejeanna (Arthur) and Arvell Jr., seven grandchildren - Jerren, Kennedym rthur III, Kolbim Amber, Kpri and Bianca and tow great-grandchildren- Aryanna and Carson.

He was converted at the age of 16. At age 20 he was baptized in the Holy Ghost and accepted the call of God on his life. In 1961, he was led of God into in the Evangelistice ministry. as a member of the Gospel Feast Pentecostal Church, under Bishop and Pator Alder Mallory Hearn, Evang.  Gareett worked diligently with the young people there. He ministered in tent vcrusaded, schools, in auditoriums, through radio broadcasts and open air services in ourt of the St. Louis  area.  He was also appointed as Young Misister of the church and later the Assistnat Pastor.  I" December  1964 Elder Garrett succeeded Bishop Hearn as Bishop and Pastor of Gospel Feast Pentecostal Churcvh in MO.  And later as Bishop of the Miracle Revival Gospel feast Pentecostal Church of Amory, MS.

From 1965 to 1972, Bishop Garrett worked with Evangelist Jonathan Rodgers, of Memphism TN., in tent revivals and auditorium crusades.  He left a promising career in 1967 to engage in full-time ministry.  From 1972 to 1982 Bishop Garrett served as Associate Evangelist to Reverend R.W. Shambach preaching the day services under "The Big Gospel Tent" all across America.

In the summer of 1976 Bishop Garrett conducted a 9- week tent revival in Toldo, OH.  The late Bishop Jesse H.l Winley preached one-week under the tent and persuaded Bishop Garrett to take over the pastorage of Pinewood Tabernacle.  On October 18, 1976, Bishop Garrett with wife Evang. Marie Garrett was installed as Pastor of Pinewood Tabernacle by SSS General Overseer, the late Bishop Jess H. Winley of New York.  Bishop Garrett has been in the minsitry for the past 55 years also been pastoring Gospel Feast Church in St. Louis for the past 48 years and has pastored Pinewood
Tabernacle in Toledo for 35 years.

Annually from late spring to early fall Bishop Garrett conducts outdoor tent crusades extending nationwide as the Lord leads.  This outreach meets the challenge of reaching "a changing world with the unchanging gospel/"  Bishop Garrett has ministered in Canada, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Caribbean, Haiti, Jamaica and various European Nations. He has conducted both tent crusades and church revivals in Europe.  He is the founder of the Gospel Feast Restoration Revival Outreach Radio Ministry.  He has produced in impressive list of audio and video ministry tapes and teachings.

Bishop Garrett was placed on the board of Elders (Presbyters) of the Soul Saving Station Churches by the late Bishop Winley where he served faithfully for nearly 25 years.  During the many years of his service on the BOP and service under four General Overseers, Bishop Garrett has functioned in may capacities.  Among which are- Vice President of the Evangelist Department, Director of Missions,President of National Missions Department, Mid-West District Elder, Ambassador to Haiti for SSS certified by the Secretary of the New York, and Assistant General Overseer. From
September 200 to February 2001, Bishop Garrett served as the interim Presiding Bishop and General Overseer of SSS FEN of the CC of AL, Inc.

Bishop Garrett received proclamation and acknowledgment of his service in ministry from U.S. President George Bush, U.S. Congresswoman Marcy Kaptor, the Mayors of St. Louis, MO and Toledo, OH for services to his community. In 1992 Bishop Garrett was further honored by his lovely wife, Evangelist Marie Garrett (who has worked with him in ministry for the last 52 years), being featured in a documentary film entitled "African American Women in Ministry. "  This documentary film is on archive at the Smithsonian Institute, Anacostia Museum Washington, D.C.
Bishop Parrish King
Bishop King was born in Baynoro, North Carolina on February 12th, 1936. He is the youngest child of Rufus and Clara King Sr. At a very early age his family moved from North Carolina to Norfolk, Virginia where Bishop King attended and graduated from Booker T. Washington High School in June of 1953. That same year he decided to move to New York City where he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and began attending the Soul Saving Station for Every Nation in Harlem New York.

While serving the Lord he met, courted, and proposed to Ms. Wilma Clark, who graciously complied and on July 8th 1956 Brother Parrish and Sister Wilma became husband and wife.

On April 1st 1958, Bishop King was inducted into the United States Army.  For the first time in his life he was separated
from the love of his life for nearly two years.  He eventually returned home and continued to exemplify faithfulness as he served the Lord, in his local church.

Bishop King sang in the Men's choir, was a faithful member of the Men's Fellowship, worked in the Outreached Addict Program, served as a Deacon, worked in Prison Ministry where he served as Chaplain at the Immigration Prison in Rosedale, New York, taught in the Christian Training Center, and worked in the Youth Department in Soul Saving Station.  He also served as the church Treasurer until 1960 and was elevated to Executive Treasurer of the Soul Saving Station Organization.  He served faithfully as a Licensed Minister and all Ordained Minister.  He worked with the late James Kelly in Brooklyn, New York at Mystery Soul Saving Station and experienced what he describes as "Basic Training" for what the Lord had in mind for his wife and himself.  He later returned to the Headquarter church in Harlem and picked up where he had left off in faithful service.  The Lord was not finished yet and began dealing with and speaking to the Kings to hold bible study in their home.  They obeyed and the Lord blessed.

The Lord spoke again and directed Bishop King to establish a new church and call it, Gethsemane Soul Saving Station.  On August 24th 1975, Gethsemane Soul Saving Station was birthed.  After a short time the Lord took the bible study from the home of the King's and placed them in their first building.  Afterwards, challenging them to "Beautify His House" approximately ten day after sharing this with the prayer group the Lord blessed the church with $8,000.00 which was a great deal of money back then.  The church remained in that building for approximately six years.  In 1981, the church where Gethsemane held their weekly and Sunday worship services somehow caught on fire and was totally destroyed.l  The Kings were not deterred and reopened in a space a block away from where they were burned out.  In the new location, the challenges continued and the church would encounter a black out, after which it was flooded out.  As the song writer said, "Some through the fire and some through the flood but all through the Blood."  Neither the fire, the darkness, nor the flood prevented this husband and wife team from fulfilling what God had in His heart for the area where they served faithfully for thirty years.  After all of those years of dedicated service, the Lord saw fit to lay it upon the hearts of Bishop and Wilma King to leave the church in the hands of their son Elder Daryl King who presently serves as the pastor the New Gethsemane Christian Fellowship Church.

Bishop King holds to his credit a Bachelor of Religious Education Degree and Bachelor of Theology Degree.  

It was in 1975, the Lord laid on the heart of the late Bishop and General Overseer, Bishop Alvin Lawrence Tate to appoint Bishop King to the position of Northeast District Elder.  Bishop King served faithfully as the District Elder for approximately thirty years.  He also served as member of the Board of Presbyters as the Executive Treasurer for thirty years.  It rejoices my heart that I was further blessed to give this service under five Bishops" Bishops Winley, Tate, Watkins, Bishop Robert Winley and Bishop Arnold J. Byrd.

I am truly grateful to the Lord for blessing me to be chosen as "Bishop Elect" in 2012 and for my darling dedicated wife who has served so faithfully along with me through the years.  Also, I praise the Lord for our six beautiful children, seventeen grandchildren and two great grandchildren.  It is truly wonderful what the Lord has done in my life.  "To God be the Glory for the Great Things He has Done".

Yours in Service,

Bishop Parrish King

College of Bishops

Presiding Bishop & General Overseer Bishop Arvell Garrett Sr.
Assistant General Overseer Bishop Parrish King
Bishop Robert I. Winely
Bishop Gabriel Molein

Board of Presbyters

Pastor Stephen Forman
Pastor Aubrey Adams
Pastor Sondra Julien
Pastor/Dr. James Murray
Pastor Pearl Marshburn
Bishop Parrish King
Bishop Arvell Garrett Sr.
Pastor Willard Price
Bishop Gabriel Molein

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